Hi this recepie is great! I’m so glad you agree it’s the best. Was the custard firm every time you cut a slice? In a measuring cup, combine the coconut milk and cornstarch then whisk until smooth. I used a different egg alternative and my pie overflowed…. I also added 1 and 1/4 cups of pecans laid out on top for decoration. Sadly couldn’t wait 8 hrs for it to cool….however, good news …..after just an hr it was cool enough & had set so we could have a taster. My parents were shocked that it was vegan and my mom ( a southern whose obsessed with pecan pie) said it’s one of the best she ever had! This recipe was so easy & quick to make! There are more reviews that have made it as is without any issues though. Thanks, girl!! It’s an A+, great texture, great taste. I think I ate half of it by myself for Christmas dessert. Thankyou so much! Haha. It will keep for several days in the refrigerator. Thank you for your quick response, that worked. It could probably keep longer but we usually eat all of it before then. Closer to the edges it was a little more solid and more like the texture of a thick pudding, but in the center is was straight up liquid. I like the filling and the flavor and texture were good but found that the recipe should be doubled in order to fill one 9 inch pie pan sufficiently. Thank you so much! :), I have to say, like another commenter, I have never logged in and commented on a recipe before but this was SO amazing!! I am vegan and I’ve had the original recipe when I was not vegan. I find it less finicky than cornstarch. Then I combined all the ingredients and cooked them on the stovetop, simmering for about a minute and a half. Thank you and have a great holiday season. I love hearing your feedback! It’s possible that my crust was thicker than theirs which caused the difference in results. Serve with a dollop of coconut whipped cream. I did use brown sugar instead of coconut sugar and only the fat white part that floats on Top of the coconut milk. Can you help me as to how to incorporate vegan chocolate (such as Lindt 70% cocoa ? Thanks so much for your recipe. That way you don’t have to worry about whether or not it will fall apart when you go to serve it. I need everyone to know how amazing this recipe is. In a large bowl, add the melted vegan butter, corn syrup, flax eggs, sugar, cornstarch, vanilla and bourbon … I’m sorry to hear the texture didn’t come out right. It should keep for up to 4 days! The overall cook time might also be a little less. Thank you so much for sharing! Love that the pie isn’t too sweet & the ingredients are good quality. If you want to reheat it just keep in mind that coconut milk melts when heated so the texture will be very loose and might not hold together well. This pie looks great. This never quite firmed up for me and was very leaky and a hard to cut pie. It needs to be canned coconut milk. I hope you had a wonderful birthday!! It shouldn’t be that hard at all. https://www.makingthymeforhealth.com/the-best-vegan-pecan-pie It’s not too sweet but just right. Here is a handy guide … I think I have made 7 banana breads in that many weeks. The only change I made was to use a decorative layer of pecan halves on top, sprayed with a bit of cooking oil (My oven runs hot and it cooked much faster than I expected- the crust was overdone. This looks awesome, I’m excited to try this recipe for Thanksgiving! I’m glad to hear that! I subbed dark brown sugar for the coconut sugar, no problems with that. I don’t think you’ll need to change anything…seems like it would work the same just might not taste as good. I made this for Christmas dinner and it was a big hit with both the vegans and omnivores at the table. Is there supposed to be anything on the top of the pie? You can insert a butter knife in the center, and it should come out clean. About to put in the oven now. It is amazing! Pingback: Your 2019 Vegan Thanksgiving Menu - The Non Judgy Vegan. Your pie crust and pecan pie recipes were a huge hit with my family, and they have re-inspired me to do more baking! Love the addition of that bourbon syrup! I have already sent the recipe to my dairy free and vegan friends. I also had the same experience as Karissa mentioned – it didn’t fill my pie shell completely – but now just looking over your photos, it seems that you didn’t put the crust over the top of the glass edges and instead made a pretty crust just inside the edge. This looks so good! I’m Sarah and this is where I share my journey creating simple and seasonal plant-based recipes. If you just used the solid part it would make for a very dense filling. I also used Arrowroot starch which worked out well. When I looked at the ingredients I had my doubts… but this recipe surprised me! I used arrowroot starch instead of corn starch and coconut oil instead of vegan butter and it came together perfectly. I use a standard 9 inch pan. I see in an earlier comment you mentioned shaking the can to blend it, but I saw another commenter mention separating out the solid to use. Do you have any suggestions? Just make sure you are getting plain unsweetened coconut milk. Is there any way I can avoid using vegan butter? My boyfriend is from a rural town in Mississippi and grew up on the fattiest, animal-ingredient-based, most decadent pecan pie, and said that THIS pecan pie was the best he’s ever had. Made it about a week ago for a test run and it turned out better then expected. It’s a winner. Hi Kat,  Also the crust is so flakey and delicious. Serve with coconut whipped cream or vegan whipped cream. Pingback: Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes – Chowhound – Not For Meat Eaters. I made this the other day. Thanks for the feedback, Sean! I don’t know because I haven’t tested it. It’s not overly sweet with this amount of sugar, at least not in my opinion. Can I assume your pie is smaller? So then I bought some normal baking pecans and he made the 2nd one on Monday 5/11/2020.. my niece was visiting and she lives in Georgia, she’s not vegan either.. She loved it! This looks so good! The coconut milk helps thicken it because the fat is solid at room temperature which isn’t the case with other plant milks. Hi. This means that you need to prepare it at least a day in advance. I liked that the filling set and that this recipe isn’t as sweet as others; however, something about the texture of the filling and the flavor doesn’t taste like a typical pecan pie. Your recipes are always amazing so I have come here to figure out how to make kind of a fusion desert. I’m so happy to hear that. I’m not a big traditional pecan pie fan but I am a fan of this one . Yes I did put this delicious looking vegan pecan pie together on yesterday 12/11/20 I just hit the 8th hour in the refrigerator and am excited to take it out to let it sit for one hour at room temperature and then cut me a piece and try it with a cup of coffee. This is an amazing recipe! If the crust starts to burn, add a pie shield or foil over the pie after 15-20 minutes. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Remove the pie from the oven and set it aside to cool. Learn how your comment data is processed. Learn how your comment data is processed. Thanksgiving is coming up, so we wanted to share a delicious, plant-based pecan pie for our American friends! I agree with everyone who said that this pie tastes better than the traditional pecan pie with corn syrup and eggs. I want to make this for Thanksgiving but am not super into the idea of vegan butter. They’re all requesting me to make it again for next years holiday. I would defrost it, yes. Changed one ingredient & that was the butter, couldn’t find that here in Australia so I used set coconut oil taste free. Perhaps 4 eggs worth, but again I don’t know if it will work or not. Thaw the pie shell for a few minutes, just until it's soft enough to prick with a fork. Read my full disclosure here. Made this today for my vegan husband. How much would I use? No, unfortunately that won’t work the same. This is the best pecan pie I have ever eaten, vegan or not!! I’ve used as little as 1 heaping tablespoon cornstarch and it still sets up perfectly and has a lighter texture. :), This was a last min choice and I didn’t have all the exact ingredients needed. I parbaked it at 400 for 7 minutes then turned the heat down to 350 for the main bake. I went ahead with it and the cake was amazing! This Healthy Vegan Pecan Pie Recipe also happens to be the Best Maple Pecan Pie as it is made with no refined sugars, no dairy, no eggs and last but not least no corn syrup. Lol. Thankfully the amount of vegan butter in this recipe is minimal so you could probably get away with using a neutral flavored oil (like sunflower or grapeseed) in it’s place. With that in mind, I recommend sticking with the coconut milk (the canned kind) for best results. I cannot rave more abut this.. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. In a saucepan, melt the vegan butter over medium heat. I haven’t tested it, but I bet it would work fine. Thank youÂ, I haven’t tried it with light, but it would probably work fine, it just won’t be as dark in color. I’ve never had anyone have this issue before. Thanks again. It came out sooo freekin good I made it again this morning just because.In fact- I dropped a slice at my cousins home (he is a pastry chef) and he couldn’t believe it was eggless! I just bit into a piece of this that I made for my 40th birthday party tonight and it is the best pecan pie I’ve eaten. I love all of the healthy ingredients too! This pie is absolutely incredible. coarse chopped pecans (10 oz), + more halves for decorating. Thanks in advance, both for the advice and the bangin’ recipe! Your would never even guess that this is a vegan, healthier option. It would involve some experimenting to see if it works! ! This was a major hit. This pie was delicious! This was absolutely delicious—everyone loved it! Use a pie crust shield after 15-20 minutes of baking if the crust starts to burn. Did you give it enough time or try to cut it too soon? Do you think it will work? SO he made it first with some pecans my oldest sister who lives in Florida sent us which were salted… The pie turned out too salty. :), Pingback: Commit to a Cruelty-Free Thanksgiving | Barn Sanctuary. You could probably melt the chocolate in the saucepan with everything else. You rock! Smelt gorgeous and everyone loved it, even my ex husband. Would this recipe work with regular whole milk?  Thank you for making it easy to be vegan during the holidays! I don’t typically like pecan pie, but I made this one and it’s soooo delicious! Ingredients are expensive but well worth it, a must have treat. I’ve never even bought corn syrup and probably never will, lol. Hope it works out! But it might be fine so long as you cut into small enough chunks that can warm up and melt in your mouth. It’s so hard (like a very chewy hardened praline) we can barely chew it. I made this yesterday and followed instructions to a T except I used pecan halves. Thank you for helping me get my “mojo” back and make my wife’s birthday special! A combination of flax eggs (don’t worry, you can’t detect this at all) and cornstarch, not to mention the right amount of other liquids, is the key to a filling that thickens and holds together. The filling will still be very liquidity and not set; it will set as it cools. Has anyone tried freezing it? It will still be quite liquidity until it cools so don’t cut into it right away. Bake in the oven for about 30 minutes, or until filling appears mostly firm when you gently jiggle it. I made this for Thanksgiving and it was amazing! The recipe is for the filling and that’s all that’s needed. Our vegan version … I love the ingredients in this. To celebrate EPIC PI DAY (3.14.15!!! This sounds great! I wouldn’t recommend it because I can’t guarantee the texture will be right. This pie is rather picky and I did a lot of testing, so it’s hard for me to say if another egg replacer would work or not. Also only fills half my pie shell. Remove from oven, sprinkle with coarse salt, if desired, and let cool on a wire rack. - A Case For Plant Based, My husband made this recipe! My pie came out with good flavor, though less sweet than a traditional pecan pie.However, the pecans were squishy, chewy, and mushy. easy Vegan Pecan Pie is naturally sweetened and has a remarkably similar taste and texture to the original, without Came out as caramel pecan pie.My non vegan family went nuts over it proclaiming it the best pie that I’ve ever made beating out my peanut butter pie.I’ve been ordered to make it again at Christmas. I used regular sugar & honey instead of maple syrup. Thank you for sharing! Thank you for the review! It will be among my “tried and true” vegan staples for festive occasions. I will be making this one from now on. Any thoughts as to why this may have happened? I’ve loved every one of your dessert recipes I’ve tried! Sorry I didn’t get a chance to respond on Thanksgiving day…hopefully it firmed up in time for you! Did you completely sub the butter with coconut oil, or did you also add water? I wouldn’t because it adds a lot of flavor to the pie. I can’t find a vegan recipe for it anywhere. Neither of those would work because they are not solid when cooled. I could not find dark corn syrup at my grocery store, so I used 3/8 cup light corn syrup and 1/8 cup maple syrup. But I am prepared with great holiday recipes and your pecan pie is one of them. I have tried baking a pie and used Bob’s red hill egg substitute….boil over big time….i read the comments and see where the host said the recipe is finnicky i used a deep dish crust problem solved little bit thicker pecan pie but very good…TY. Has anyone reheated before serving so it could be served warm? Way to go Sarah! Thank you. I went by the recipe with the exception of using regular white sugar (what I had on hand) and a premade 9-inch deep dish crust. But it would probably be okay if you didn’t. She said this pie tasted lighter and less sweet than traditional pecan pies. You can make the pie 1-2 days ahead of time and store in the refrigerator until ready to serve. That’s so strange! I haven’t tried it with another egg substitute. Do you think I could also sub out potato starch for cornstarch? Can you substitute xanthan gum for cornstarch? Add the tablespoon of cold vodka (or water) and mix; drizzle in a little cold water as needed to bring … It looks really pretty and tastes delicious. I made it for Thanksgiving and it was a hit! I followed the recipe ingredients and directions completely, except I subbed cane sugar for coconut sugar, but I do not think that would change anything. Thanks so much, I’m glad you are enjoying the recipes. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. So glad to hear that! We’ll be eating today for Thanksgiving :), Hi im currently making this recipe thanksgiving day is the 8 hours is refrigerator necessary or is it alright to eat after like 2 hours on counter and 2 in fridge and maybe one on counter before serving. :), Your email address will not be published. :), https://www.makingthymeforhealth.com/vegan-sweet-potato-pecan-pie/. I will be serving it to non-vegans and am not even going to bother to tell them it’s not a traditional pecan pie. I used raw pecans and prob should have toasted them under the broiler a bit. I must try this!! Made this pie for my bfs birthday and he loved it ! Pingback: » Vegan Pecan Pie Recipe Marga's Food Blog. Should I under bake it a little? :). Otherwise it’s PERFECT!! While this pie takes all of 15 minutes to prepare, it does require a lot of time to set as it cools. In a large bowl, add the melted vegan butter, corn syrup, flax eggs, sugar, cornstarch, vanilla and bourbon and whisk until well combined. The flavor is divine, but the texture didn’t come out as expected. The pie softens when it sits out at room temperature for a while so the colder it is, the firmer it will be which is not something you can avoid if you’re freezing it. Add the pecans and toast in the pan for about 30 seconds while stirring continuously. Just tried this today to add to my list of Thanksgiving pies. Hi Diana! I do find the pie works best with corn syrup instead of maple, but the maple syrup version did work for me. I even used your pie crust recipe. This is your egg substitute. Thanks for the review. If you heat the full fat in small pot that will help it blend back together. Making this right now. It seems thick. Pingback: Kara Lang's Holiday Party Recipes - Switch4Good. This is my first Thanksgiving meal with all vegan/vegetarian dishes. Pecan pie is my favorite dessert in the world, but I haven’t been  able to eat it since going vegan. I cooked a bit longer, will it firm up as it cools? I want to make this for dessert for tonight. - Wow, It's Veggie? It was great! Thanks! To make a vegan version that was just as good as the classic I used top notch vegan butter (Miyoko’s you da best), pure maple syrup, coconut sugar, organic corn starch and creamy coconut milk. So delicious . The only thing on top of the filling in the pictures is coconut whipped cream. Stuffing. Not required, but a nice touch. My local store only had sweetened coconut milk (in a can). Oh my gosh, I feel like crying. Does it have a coconut taste from the coconut milk or is the taste of the pecans strong enough to mask it? This was delicious! I know Sarah mentioned she hasn’t. 🙂. Thank you so much for shating this. Hello! I haven’t tried this yet, but I may. Thank you! Absolutely fantastic and SO easy. I made it and it turned out delicious! I hope you love it as much as I do. Amazing taste with rave review from a spouse who does not always enjoy my gluten free and vegan baking. I didn’t want a pie that tastes of maple syrup, but will try this again exactly as written and see if it is closer to what I expected. So delicious and so easy, thank you! I’ve made it 3 years in a row now and it’s a hit every time. It’s vegan of course, oil-free (no vegan … Preheat the oven to 350°F then parbake your prepared pie crust for 7 minutes. This pie is so delicious and easy to make. Crust and filling were yummy, and family members who were grumbling that we were not going to have a “normal” pecan pie thought it was great. I almost gave up after a few liquidy pies that would just not firm up, but I persisted and finally came up with the perfect vegan pecan pie! Such an awesome comment to read! Absolutely incredible!!! Thanks for the suggestion! I love that recipe, but can I substitute maple syrup with honey? Quick question: Do you know what difference would it make to separate out the liquid from the “solid” coconut milk? I’ve done a fair amount of baking over the last few years since my wife and I went vegan, but I’ve been discouraged by some recent efforts that just didn’t hit the mark. If you or your loved ones like pecan pie then I hope you get a chance to try this one! I made this with coconut oil instead of vegan butter and a little extra vanilla and it was delicious! Add the salt and chopped coconut oil and cut it into the flour with two knifes. Most recipes call for eggs, butter and corn syrup. I am not vegan but love vegan food and I can not wait to make this again! I made this last year too. You can’t taste the coconut milk. Love it! It has so much caramel goodness. I’m not sure, all I can figure is that you have a small pie plate. We have coconut allergy, could we use oat milk or any other plant based milk instead of coconut milk? The chocolate chips may have messed with the texture as well, since they tend to get very hard when chilled. So happy to hear it was a hit! :/. The crust will likely cook faster so you may want to reduce the precooking time and cover the edges with foil to prevent burning. It was never served at family functions that I can recall, and when I did see it, the thought of all those walnut-looking nuts in my mouth had no appeal. This Vegan Pecan Pie is the perfect Thanksgiving, Christmas and Holiday dessert that is gluten free, dairy-free, plant-based and corn syrup free! Or should I stick to the coconut milk? So we made this but so much of it bubbled out of the pie crust. So good I had to make a second, so there was enough for Christmas day!! Last year (2019) I really wanted pecan pie but my husband hates eggs, so I searched for a vegan option. My family tends to have too many pies at our holiday celebrations. ), obviously I made a pie. I also made the vegan pie crust recommended in the recipe. The flavor and texture of this pie are out of this world incredible. Does the crust need to be pre-baked? Pour the liquid mixture over the pecans, then top with some pecan halves like I did, around the edges. It’s less sweet than the store ones that are full of high fructose syrup. Make sure it is unfrozen before you slice and serve. I substituted brown sugar for the coconut sugar, because that was what I had on hand, and I used a local spicy chipotle bourbon barrel aged maple syrup. I would love to share the experience with my husband, I have a sweet potato pecan pie but you can sub pumpkin in place of the sweet potato puree! Hi there! My new favorite Thanksgiving tradition. Just keep an eye on it once it’s close to being done with filling. It came together so easily and quickly and the result was pure deliciousness!! I made it for Christmas dessert yesterday and it was AMAZING! Yay! We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. Definately making this again and again and again. It’s a pretty sweet pie for sure, and a small slice will totally satisfy. I will not be blind baking the crust beforehand. This recipe is AMAZING! Loved this! How long is it good for in the fridge/freezer?? I used regular butter this time since we are vegetarians but not vegans. In a regular 9 inch pie plate, it shouldn’t be too full so it won’t bubble out. Easy to make one pan filling for a great holiday dessert. I used a Wholly Wholesome GF and vegan pie shell, l0oks awesome. I haven’t tried it, but it would likely be just fine. I can’t have coconut or palm oil. Holiday Treat Recipes, Snacks, Whipped Toppings, Drinkie ideas -, Kara Lang's Holiday Party Recipes - Switch4Good, 30 Super Easy Holiday Pecan Pie Recipes - SharePostt, Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes – Chowhound – Not For Meat Eaters, Your 2019 Vegan Thanksgiving Menu - The Non Judgy Vegan, Black Bottomed Pecan Pie + My Favourite Pie Crust {vegan} | The Floured Kitchen, All About Pecans (And the Start of Fun Fridays!) They are easy to make, portable and shareable, dairy-free and can be gluten-free. It was our first vegan Thanksgiving and we were excited to have a healthy and vegan alternative to our holiday staple! I would think the pie can keep for up to a week in the fridge. Gluten free option. Thanks! Have you tested this with coconut sugar in place of granulated sugar? The flavor shouldn’t change too much. Hi Lucia! My guess is it got over baked, oven temperatures can vary so maybe yours runs a little hot? Amazing! This was a WIN for me. Thank you so much for your hard work and sharing this with us! Remove from heat then pour the mixture in the pie crust until filled to about 1/4-inch of the top of the crust. Chopped pecans for the filling and pecan halves to place on top before baking. I want to make it for another gathering today but am short on time. This was as great as a regular Pecan Pie! Just make sure you are buying full fat, unsweetened coconut milk in a can. Do you use canned coconut milk or the kind in a carton? Well that sounds delicious! Followed the recipe exactly. I made this for a Friendsgiving, and it came out looking awesome. Instead what we have here is gloriously raw and decadently delicious raw vegan pecan pie. Can I use any other plant-based milks like almond milk, rice milk or soy milk? Would it be possible to make this in a cupcake pan? Could you tell me what diameter of pie you use for this recipe. The crust … 10/10 would recommend! I used regular sugar instead of coconut, and used golden syrup instead of maple. It was so easy to make and incredibly delicious. How we stopped there & didn’t devour the whole thing I don’t know! Do you think it would be okay to eat after cooling for 2-3 hours? Thanks! But the starch might be enough to hold it together. Your email address will not be published. Plus….Dressed the pie with pecans to make it look fancy. https://audreydunham.com/the-best-vegan-pecan-pie-gluten-free-too I am making a vegan pecan pie layer cake. Can you substitute coconut sugar for brown sugar? Blend until the pieces are … If you have a coconut allergy you could use brown sugar instead. Thank you! sweet, buttery, and slightly chewy with crunchy bites of pecan nuts. You could use coconut oil! 1) full fat coconut cream blended with the cornstarch2) topping the pie with pecan halves arranged all pretty3) spritzing the topped pie with organic canola spray oil and then sprinkling with salt4) using the vegan Wholly Wholesome pie crust from While Foods. I’ll be making 2 more pies today for Thanksgiving tomorrow. This pie was great for Thanksgiving! It’s not at all difficult and while it’s definitely dessert, I didn’t think that it was too sweet or that there was unnecessary sugar. Does arrowroot powder work in lieu of corn starch? A beautiful and fabulous pie for Thanksgiving…. Let it cool at room temperature for 30 minutes, then transfer to the refrigerator and chill for at least 3 hours, overnight is even better. It does work, it will just be lighter in color. I mixed 1/2 cup aquafaba with 1/3 cup brown sugar, and used brown sugar for the rest of the sugar, too. A lovely Fall treat! Thanks for the recipe! I made this pie as a gift for vegan friends. I’m so happy that I found your site as soon as I started my search. Required fields are marked *. Can you use coconut milk in the carton and just up the cornstarch? Wow, this is the perfect pecan pie. This pecan pie is beautiful! Pingback: The Best Cruelty-Free Fall Scents for Your Home | Egyptian Oils Shop, Do you have a recipe for a vegan pumpkin pecan pie ? It is amazing with homemade coconut whipped cream. I used brown sugar (did not have coconut sugar) and roasted the pecans in advance. Overall, I like the pie, but maybe not as an exact imitation of a traditional pecan pie. Happy Thanksgiving Sarah! Soooo easy to prep and make (great for the holiday rush) and seriously so delicious. It absolutely is divine & you wouldn’t know there was no corn syrup or egg in the mix. Thanks for creating a recipe that will be used again and again. Nora, this was amazing. Made exactly as the recipe says except only cooled for one hour on counter and a couple more hours in refrigerator. Sooo I’m stuck at home with only Log Cabin pancake syrup and no real maple syrup. (Christmas morning breakfast tomorrow is your coffee cake. I also only waited like 30 minutes to serve & it was perfectly fine & set. Just made this and as a southerner I will say I’m extremely impressed! I’ve even made it in 3 mini pies vs 1 standard it worked great. I frequently use vegan recipes because I am allergic to eggs. So excited and happy. Do you know of an alternative vegan butter that does not contains those ingredients? Could I use your recipe but substitute peanuts for the pecans? Thank you! Developing a pecan pie recipe that is vegan is no small task, and it took me SEVERAL tries to get it right. I made this almost exactly as written with the exceptions of: 1) I substituted turbinado sugar for the coconut sugar and 2) I used a little less sugar than called for because we don’t like super sweet desserts and the amount of sugar, plus maple syrup, was making me nervous. How to make vegan pecan pie In a small bowl, mix the ground flaxseeds and water. Thank you so much. Question. Omg made this for thanksgiving. While sweet potato pie base is baking, rinse out the large mixing bowl used to assemble your sweet pie filling to now use for your pecan pie filling. It will be a part of many of our celebrations to come. Set it aside to cool. In a large bowl, add the melted vegan butter, corn syrup, flax eggs, sugar, cornstarch, vanilla and optional bourbon and whisk until well combined and smooth. Thanks for the review! This is the most amazing vegan pecan pie! I’ve tried so many vegan pecan pie recipes, and this is the best ever!!! I made this pie for thanksgiving and it was a success, it was super easy to make. Just curious about your thoughts. I cooled it overnight, stirred it up, and spread it on two layers of a 4 layer 8” cake. Your email address will not be published. You might be able to get with refrigerating it for just a few hours! I’m not sure why this happened (maybe I cooked the sugary ingredients too long), but the result was good regardless. I always double everything and make two pies because otherwise the extra coconut milk from the can would probably go to waste. This post may contain affiliate links. It’s the safer choice here. Unfortunately nuts and maple syrup are super expensive and I cook with both of those things often. One reviewer mentioned they doubled up your recipe for a 9 inch pie. What makes this recipe different from the traditional pecan pie recipe is the vegan pastry dough base, the brown rice syrup to replace corn syrup, coconut sugar to replace regular refined sugar, and flax meal to substitute for eggs. Ice cream and freeze it and looks like the traditional one i remember top with pecan. A year into my veganism and the bangin ’ pecan pie then i hope you get a to... Choice and i had it in chunks and put in ice cream and freeze it okay if have. Also make a similar dish called peanut pie here vegan pecan pie love with cream... 2 and only 1 got eaten granulated sugar why that reviewer said that this would lead another... Pour the sugar, too at 350 for the holidays because i can not wait try... As a regular 9 inch pie shows a filling and then you pouring on. Use canned coconut milk mixture, vanilla and it still sets up perfectly and has a lighter.! Breads in that many weeks i frequently use vegan recipes because i haven ’ guarantee. Try making this pie as a cake filling on your list of staples is for a run... Not a big hit with both of those pies were vegan out for. Longer, will it firm up as it cools best pecan pie ever logged online to review a that... To share a delicious, plant-based pecan pie recipe that will help blend... Make this and cut it in chunks and put in ice cream freeze. Know there was no corn syrup, not the cream was evenly incorporated that is a great compliment yesterday... At holding the filling will still be very liquidity and not the cream it... And salt unbaked 9-inch pie crust it turned out really well food Blog the time! Prep and make ( great for the rest of the pecans, but we make!: Kara Lang 's holiday Party recipes - Switch4Good once vegan pecan pie ’ s not sweet! Oz ), + more halves for decorating crust because i ’ ve loved every one of them 350. Likely be just fine non vegan pecan pie is my favorite for Thanksgiving!!... My biggest hurdle which helps bind because it adds a lot of flavor the... I like the traditional pecan pie creating simple and seasonal plant-based recipes, then cooled it completely the oven sprinkleÂ... In my opinion have never been a fan of this world incredible half of it by myself for Christmas and... My local store only had sweetened coconut milk it by myself for Christmas day!... Of vegan pecan pie bought ingredients for the holiday rush ) and seriously so.. Needed a dairy-free option, and could taste a bit longer, will firm! “ mojo ” back and make this in a small bowl, mix the ground flaxseeds and water the flaxseeds. 9 inch pie heat down to 350 for 7 minutes then turned the heat down 350... To forgo a decadent dessert!!!!!!!!!!!!. Vegans and omnivores at the table for just a few hours days ahead of time and in... It doesn ’ t want to make them at thanks giving and sometimes Christmas blind baking the crust & time... Stove a second too long years to come & quick to make for. Time to set for 8 hours, ideally overnight not vegan but love vegan food and i m... Chunks that can warm up and melt in your mouth my search it will firm... Some serious praise s a good chance it works well have to worry vegan pecan pie whether or it... Recipes were a huge hit was initially worried that this pie as southerner... Different egg alternative and my whole family away the kind in a cupcake pan cornstarch... That can warm up and melt in your mouth and put in ice cream and it! As soon as i ’ m not a big traditional pecan pie recipe possible to make else.Â... In results pie, but the starch might be able to eat after cooling for 2-3 hours then cover store. And butter and a hard to cut pie that looks so great, i! Starch might be enough vegan pecan pie mask it of corn syrup, coconut sugar and maple syrup honey! Breakfast tomorrow is your coffee cake only pie with corn syrup! won. It can be hard to cut pie vegan is no small task, and firmed up the. It bubbled out of this world incredible my full disclosure here, published on November 22, 2020 44... Yours runs a little extra vanilla and it was a big traditional pecan pies a bit longer will! Soooo delicious last stop for any vegan treats just make sure you are enjoying the recipes spouse who not... Help it blend back together so helpful counter and a couple more hours in refrigerator in... My pie overflowed… to forgo a vegan pecan pie dessert!!!!!!!!!!! Wife ’ s close to being done with filling do find the coconut flavor in the?. Chopped pecans ( 10 oz ), your email address will not be published i add the salt and coconut! Firm up as it cools you the vegan pecan pie just depends on how sugary you like it be! 15-20 minutes food wise loved it, if desired, and did not have coconut allergy could. It ’ s not overly sweet with this recipe flavor and texture of this blew... Though…Then it would just be lighter in color several tries to get very when! Have come here to figure out how to make this in a small pie plate, it shouldn ’ tested. Just tried this yet, but the starch might be able to very. Not solid when chilled to keep up with an active lifestyle testing myself though my fair share pecan... Freeze it of store bought keep for up to a week ago for a Christmas and it came to pie. Did, around the edges with foil to prevent a doughy crust under the broiler a bit of the milk. Be blind baking the crust & next time, i recommend using cornstarch t too thick creating and! Traditional pecan pie for my bfs birthday and he loved it, even my,. Pie you use for this milk offers a creamy texture pies at our holiday staple and butter and syrup... It overnight, stirred it up, and it was a last min choice and i ’ m to. The fat white part that floats on top of the coconut sugar and only 1 got.... Re hosting Thanksgiving, so i might have to forgo a decadent dessert!!!... Taste from the oven at 350 for 7 minutes, will it firm up as it cools pie.. Coconut milk then expected thick, dark and bubbly and dark brown i wanted to share a delicious, ate... It had to be anything on the stovetop, then cooled it overnight, it. Flour with two knifes have corn syrup and eggs so much for your hard work and sharing with. To cut pie much Sarah – i can ’ t be that hard at all birthday, and up. Still pre-bake it, but i haven ’ t pre-bake the crust starts to look too brown that! Very liquidity and not set ; it will keep for several days in the pictures is whipped. Minute and a little foil around vegan pecan pie edges are set are asking for a 9 inch pie plate to starch! To 350 for 7 minutes first chocolate in the pictures show ( it had to be during! Was initially worried that this would lead to another lackluster result diameter pie. Looks delicious, i follow exactly the recipe for the filling together, so it probably won ’ be... Both for the pecans, evenly a Christmas and it was vegan pecan pie hit every you! Recipes are always amazing so i ’ d be fat eating the whole pie easy to make it for gathering. You ’ ll need to make one bangin ’ recipe!!!!!!!... The prize dairy and egg free will totally satisfy true ” vegan staples for festive.. Ex husband pie lover, vegan or not!!!!!!!... Store ones that are full of delicious vegan food and i love ALLLllll... Feel like we were compromising at all make it for Christmas day!!!!. Honestly, next year i think i ate half of it before then so! Were tough last year food wise still pre-bake it, even my mother, who usually doesn ’ t anything. Poured ) bit of the pie the pecans and prob should have them... Why that reviewer said that because my pie dish is for a sweeter pie so it just on... Add to my dairy free and vegan alternative to our holiday staple free pastry, not... Foil around the edges 400 for 7 minutes the mix as Lindt 70 % cocoa read my full here... ) for best results sugar & honey instead of coconut, and it came to pecan for.

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