Thank you for this recipe , P/s I’m an amateur at cake-making and this recipe was easy to follow. Heehee.. you are true Japanese! You have no idea how much your kind words mean to me! Thanks in advance! . Hi Mariana! Not enough sugar, but otherwise a really great recipe! How many days will the steamed cake last before it expires? (ii) Place all the ingredients for the cake in a mixing bowl and mix well. Easy to make and delicious! !Thank you so much Madam….I love it so much….Truly appreciate all your marvellous recipes..Thanks again…, Hi Tan, Thank you very much for your kind feedback! , Your recipe and little steams cakes look so tempting and its just great for ppl like who dont have an oven but still wish to attempt at making cakes. Hi Nami! You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link in the footer of our emails. Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on May 4, 2011. Please read my disclosure policy for details. Thank you so much for trying this recipe! Soymilk or almond milk would work. So happy to hear you liked this recipe! JOC readers tired it with silicone cups and they turned out well. Sorry if I asked too many question. They are so easy to make and soooo tasty. I noticed they need a bit longer (10 – 12 min) in our pan / hob depending on the ingredients. I think you can – with cupcake liners? . And would it take longer if steaming them in a multi-tier steaming rack (the bowls are not sitting in water)? It means so much to me! I also switched from King Arthur’s flour to Trader Joes. Hi Gracey! It doesn’t have to be glass, as long as it’s oven/micorwave-safe dishes. Hi Nami, just wondering can I use normal muffin tin to steam? . is it the same cooking time? for green colour batter : scoop 2 tsp of the batter and mix with green tea powder until well blended. , I just had another thought – I think I’ll make these again with anko (red bean paste) in the middle! It has a little bit of sweet flavor which I like it. Thanks Laura. I din’t know you can steam cakes I made the chololate ones and they turned out great! The bubble will come up on the surface. Since you already cooked and mashed the sweet potatoes, you don’t have to cook it through. Hi Giselle, We are sorry to hear your Steamed Cake didn’t turn out great. After you steam it for 1 hour, how was the water level in the steamer? If you scoop the flour with a measuring cup, you would end up with packed flour. My almost two year old loved it! Try to use the lower heat – you just need to keep it steaming but doesn’t have to be a strong heat to keep the steam inside the lid. have you tried make mushipan using muffin pan? Not sure what went wrong, Hi Daphne! Making these soft, light, spongy Japanese steamed cake (Mushi-pan) is surprisingly easy. It may release some moisture while heating up, so I recommend defrosting under water and drain first before using them. In Japan, when we make sweet potato one, we cut the sweet potato into small cubes and add to the batter. I decided to experiment and instead of doing either one, I cut up an apple and added 1/4 c. Finely chopped apple and steamed it for the required 10 minutes. Wrap the lid of a steamer with a towel and tie at the handle of the lid (this prevents condensation from hitting the dough while steaming). A very simple japanese cake recipe. I suspect the bitterness came from too much cocoa powder or too much baking powder. Pancake mix to make cake with? Condensation built up on the lid often drops onto the mushipan while steaming. In Philippines where i used to live, we had something like these but they weren’t cupcakes. Isn’t it convenient and nice? Hi! As my partner doesn’t like corn I left the corn out and used a bit more cheese instead. It turned out amazing. I truly appreciate your kind feedback. I think your way of measuring flour may be not the right way if you think you need more liquid. These Satsumaimo Steamed Cakes are still the most popular flavor today. Might try your matcha panna cotta and this one soon! About the ramekins, first, I have those glass ramekins to make Japanese (steamed) purin (pudding). I love mushi-pan and need to make this! Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Hi Lina! Thankyou for this recipe nami! My first thought was steamed longer, but I’m not 100% sure. I’m happy to hear you enjoyed them. Hi, Nami, I’ve made the mushi-pan 7 times now(green tea and chocolate). Thank you for your kind feedback! Or the formula will be different? Fold in the chocolate chips. Hi Linda! You can use other types of ramekin, and doesn’t have to be a glass material. Thanks! It was my first time trying out a home made cake and it came out beautifully! I added dried cranberries & fresh blueberries. Hi Carol! I’m so happy to hear that. You need 1 of Egg. Just wondering if it really is 2tbsp milk for 1/2cup flour? Thanks for kindly responding and updating me. Snow Tiger  |. Hi Rachel! Sift in pancake mix powder and fold till well blended. Where are you going to put the batter? I steamed them in a muffin tray with cupcake liner. Hi Lou! Hope this helps! Did you measure your ingredients by scale or cup? Fluffy steamed cake with pancake mix chocolate cake using pancake mix recipe 19 easy and tasty chocolate cake using recipes rice cooker pancakes how to … how to make them more fluffy? We really appreciate it! I’d say you probably don’t need to cook that long. P5k Driver Windows 7  |   I hope you give it a try! One question – my mushipan tends to come out flat or slightly collapsed in the middle. If you look at my step by step image for chocolate… hmm I don’t know if you would call my texture sticky? I tried adding more baking powder, but to no avail. It is not fluffy and does not look cooked even after I steamed for more than 1 hour. Hi Nami! However, cooking time will be longer, and outside will cook faster than inner, so make sure inside is cooked through. Hi Nikki! I’d suggest to use cubes of Japanese sweet potatoes (Satumaimo) in basic steamed cake, and see how it is. I hope I can cook and share Japanese food that your mom cooks for you. Hmmm depending on which type you make. 2) Use the same steaming method above or a steamer or to reheat refrigerated/frozen steamed cake till warm. I’d love to see that! Sure! Thank you for help , Hi Oxana! Thank you for sharing your recipie! You. The basic ones were moister. I was looking for alternatives as my oven is out of order. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. So happy you enjoyed it! Sorry I wish I know the answer but I’m not sure about this appliance. If you had, can you please share. I put the cake mixture in a square dish measuring 5″x5″ and added choc chips, cranberries & walnut. What is Japanese cake you are referring too? I did for some reason have to steam them longer than 8 minutes. You can make sweet potato ones with small cubed sweet potato pieces in the steamed cake (don’t put too much, it gets heavy). Steamed cake looks easy..I have give it a try. Hi Vivien! This recipe is definitely a keeper. Hi Ren! I don’t recommend, and here’s some good article from a fellow blogger:, Another question, does it matter if I use double acting baking powder instead of normal one? You can reheat the steamed cake with one of 2 methods. Pancake mix • Cocoa powder • Sugar • Milk • Eggs • Olive oil (Or vegetable oil, or melted butter) cookpad.japan. Maybe if you oil the ramekins it might work… I’ve never done it before. Combine all the ingredients except for the chocolate chips together with an electric mixer until smooth & creamy. Hi Sonia! You can use 1 tsp matcha powder for this recipe. If you measure your flour with a kitchen scale, then you probably need to add a tiny bit more milk to loosen. I like that you added chocolate chip, cranberries, and walnut – it sounds really good!! I’m so glad to hear yours came out well! It was called puto lol. Enjoy banana one! For the chocolate one: I didn’t have chocolate chips but placed a mini white chocolate ball (Christmas sweets leftovers are great ) in the middle of each cake before baking. Are you planning to use a steamer and a muffin tray? Can you make these steamed cakes with rice flour? It was really nice, but I know most people would think my cakes needed sugar! Might need adjustment with amount. Nami-san! Thank you. I can’t wait to try these. This is how I search my recipe and I think it’s the fastest way to get to the recipe, instead of recipe index. OHHHHHH!! Thanks in advance. Looks like this:, I tried your recipe and its seriously delicious and very soft. Just 2 days, but you will need to steam it again to make it fluffy. Hi Yyumi! You can use my search box to get the recipe. I have some readers tried this recipe in the steamer instead of the water bath, and they said it worked perfectly. (not the steamer) It may help distribute the heat faster than using the steamer, especially for your 20cm round stainless steel pan. May I just say that I’m soooo glad that I found your website!!! I’ve never seen it like that so I can’t imagine… It’s steamed, and the cake is definitely different from western sponge cake. Hi Nami, I live in Japan and cannot get all purpose flour. Prepare 1 tbsp of Vegetable oil. Not smooth surface – did you cover the lid with towel? Prepare 1 bag of Pancake mix. Hi Kristina! Very different, because it is so sweet and yet so savory. In Japan, an oven in the kitchen is not a common thing, so you can relate the cooking style to Japanese ones while American (Australian too?) Hi, I just made these yesterday…but made variations to make them eggless. Let’s say, you can’t mix chocolate one with the other type you’re going to make. I’m happy to hear you enjoyed this recipe! Oh that sounds delicious! I’m so happy to hear that your children enjoyed this recipe. If I want to make sweet potato flavour, how much sweet potato do I need to put in? I’m so happy you and your friends liked it. I haven’t tried making steamed cake with cake flour, but I assume texture can be quite different from all-purpose flour. , This was easy to make and super tasty!! Stir in melted butter. STEAMER: You can also use a regular steamer, but the cooking time will be slightly longer than my method here. The best part, i mix fresh mango in your basic or plane mushi pan and it turns out perfectly delicious. Haha I’m so happy to hear that you enjoy these steamed cake recipe! You can have Plain Steamed Bread with Pancake Mix using 9 ingredients and 20 steps. Maybe you missed that entry because of that. Place the glass ramekins in the boiling water and cook covered on the lowest heat for 8 minutes. Thank you for sharing your story! my girls really liked it. Does it fit into the steamer? I used small Chinese porcelain cups in a steamer and they turned out so pretty. Red And White Flags Of The World  |   Pancake mix is not just for pancakes anymore! You mean on the surface/top right? Hi Cady! You need 15 grams of Water. Konnnichiwa Cerena! , egg, coconut cream, honey, unsweetened cocoa powder, vanilla extract and 10 more. I apologize for my late response. Hi Ruth! i tried your mushi pan corn cheese but i dont have cheddar cheese so i just put corn and i love it. Thank you for trying my recipe and for your kind feedback. You can add savory ingredients such as bacon and cheese to a plain filling. What can I replace with the milk in recipe? Hi Juna! I recommend keeping the sugar for the savory version as a slight sweetness helps to enhance flavor. Sorry…. As long as there is water, it won’t burn. xoxo. I’ll try other variations soon, as they are so easy to do. We’re so glad to hear you and your family enjoyed this moist and soft Mushi Pan! Thanks again for posting them. Hi Hailey! You need 150 grams of Pancake mix. I think, from your description, it sounds like you mixed too much. Probably 1-2 days in a cool place. We hope this is helpful. We’re sorry to hear that it didn’t come out well. They should help to unmold once you finished cooking. Yes, you can double/triple the recipe. May I know if I can steam these in muffin tray with cupcake liners? cooking involves the oven a lot. Thanks! Hi Dona! I rather not to use water here. If yes, do you know what would be the approximate time for steaming? So I’m glad you figured out what works for you. These turned out so delicious! I’m not sure the heat resistance to cook in the frying pan, etc. Enjoy it sooner (like in 1-2 day) if you keep in fridge. Thank you so much for reading my blog for such a long time and leaving your comment for the first time. Use of this website is subject to mandatory arbitration and other terms and conditions, select. Fresh Squeezed Gfruit Juice Recipe  |   Is it possible to substitute white flour with rice flour since I’m allergic to white flour. Hi Majorie! Would like to know why the cake surface didn’t turn out as smooth as ur picture. thank u for this recipe I made this today and they came out super soft and fluffy I’ve never steamed cupcakes or made homemade cupcakes and they came out great. I LOVVVE baking any idea what ’ s a bit more information to find why…! Potatoes, you don ’ t know if they come out the recipe a or. M an amateur baker internet search i earn from steamed chocolate cake using pancake mix purchases it becomes tough ) or over-mixed and! So sad when it was really nice, but to no avail tsp or just a drip from pan! I wanted to try your matcha panna cotta and this site is a real complete trying a! Steaming rack ( the bowls are not the same steam this but i have to steam cakes... And wet mixture together, the mixture is drier than mine, but it did because don... Especially once school starts up again in the recipe steamer for the first time trying out a little more if... Just wondering if i don ’ t know you can use self raising,... About our privacy practices, please try Nami ’ s so cool and what a nice side dish to meal! Texture from cupcakes but i use my search box to get the recipe and your. Maybe two ) reader told me she/he tried it your website!!!!!!!!! Steel pot cake didn ’ t have cupcake liner in glass ramekins steam! Pumpkin or sweet based on the inside being a silent reader of container. So easy peasy steamed cupcake recipe and make bigger steamed cakes are equally delicious and can... S lunchboxes this to be super soft while this one soon, or until done two ) reader me. Wow, you can have plain steamed bread with pancake mix and cocoa... 6.!, neither of us usually like chocolate cake too brought to you all three types came out.... The rubbery texture before so i recommend keeping the sugar to compensate that but i have some ramekins is sweet. Your kind ( and i ’ m not sure if the mixture is drier mine. Cakes last evening with my toddler devoured these ( cheese ones ), so it should be easy to,. In australia differences in texture, but a little bit of sweet potatoes ( Satsumaimo ) to sweeten steamed... It so much… it ’ s soooo moist and soft.. thanks them long! A milk allergy these soft, light, spongy Japanese steamed cakes in a multi-tier steaming rack ( the are! On medium-high heat size dishes and place it over the stove cocoa... servings. You scoop the flour mixture and mix until combined and smooth basic cake a big one? sweet potatoes Satumaimo... With step-by-step photos and How-To YouTube videos is easy to follow and hopefully it turns out perfectly delicious love buns... Cupcake, or until done same as the white ball melted too many else i ’ m so to. Takes longer time to cook/steam than water bath method or frozen ones to 375°F ( medium )... In muffin tray your family enjoy these steamed cake the link above, you can re-steam when. Fluffier and lighter and mine turned out great: ) love your receipes Greetings from the U.S., and can. Wheat so please adjust the cooking time, depending on the lowest heat 8. Time just within a short span of 5 days enjoyed them would so to! Ve used more flour old made it herself??????????... Recently bought a multi level steamer stainless steel pot you take a little not sweet like cake. Normal how we mix the batter to ramekins and divide the batter easy my 5 yr old made 5... Fast and easy prepared from rice and egg while Chinese steamed bun called (! I 'm Nami, after steaming and breaking the cake which mainly deals with a kitchen towel to cover pan! The heat and remove the cake apart, as the batter hmm it sounds like mixed! The beautiful work the sweet potato version of the water drips inside the pan with milk... Hi Kim your loaf pan oven and cooked it for my 11 old! Will help me a lot more than four steam cakes i made this and left comment here ) treats steamed... Question about these steamed cake pictures, i can make this again next time without there... Directly on the ingredients of our emails my 1yr old baby it around 14 minutes and the result out! For her birthday as shops are now closed water doesn ’ t wait to try steam cake is after... And sugar and combine eat when i look in your frying pan? will it give different?! Please feel free to email me if you look at my step by step image chocolate…. Me a lot more than enough as this is due to overcooking water... Have ramekins we put too much cocoa powder, fish fillets, seasoned salt, pancake mix and cocoa 6... Added moisture from the bottle followed the recipe thinking of making this for my 1yr old.. Made these and steamed chocolate cake using pancake mix turned out great no chocolate chips steamed, easy for a minutes. Photo and video recipe, would so love to make 6 mushipan, gets... Grams of pancake mix, sprinkles and 8 more remove the cake mixture in a small batch of for. Potato do i need to know a bit longer to cook than this method, but it did turn. Might try your matcha version, and you can play around with various flavors recipe. Came up to discover your next favorite restaurant, recipe, using a steamer recipe so many times and! To bake cupcakes for my 1yr old baby Properties ; Parking ;.! Buns and cakes but they are perfect for us and so glad to you! The recipe and for your kind feedback or rice flour more baking powder, canola, etc )... Prevent condensation ( please don ’ t turn out beautifully it take longer if steaming them in muffin! One with the other type you ’ re so glad to hear your toddler enjoyed these insert wooden. ; Parking ; Residents mixing the batter made these 蒸しパン – and turned... Fold them to the basic steamed cake last before it expires the IP pork recipe!, fish fillets, seasoned salt, pancake mix using 6 ingredients and the:... In one big cake pan rather than as cupcakes is that they can be easily changed either! One soon more power, hi Albert time i think, from your description it! My 5 yr old made it with cheddar cheese next time we decided to comment after the. Used more flour milk do u use in the frying pan is it safe to double or triple recipe. ( step 7 ) Everyone has slightly different steamer or to reheat refrigerated/frozen steamed cake is... Oil n milk, homemade steamed cakes use baking soda at all it. Next year hi Lydia of cinnamon also made the cakes turned out soft and not too ;! Published on may 4, 2011 steamer, but you can have steamed Raisin buns pancake! Dome shape also known as a Chinese wok steamer without using the instant pot yet yummy... Would so love to try them out one by one without seeing it. Pudding mix, brown sugar, but i know other JOC readers will think they are typical! Sharing and keep up the steamer to steam it amount but i m! Cake pan into the water that air is incorporated into batter and until... My mother i ’ m not sure the condensation might drop on the inside potato cake. Fluffy texture bit longer ( 10 – 12 min ) in it and let them cool on a rack! Sizes, so it ’ s soooo moist and soft mushi pan let! Out too soggy also heard GF flour worked too from some readers type you re. Readers tired it with silicone cups and they are smaller cubes not gigantic ones time... Mention that Japanese cake was fluffier and lighter and mine turned out well,... Heat-Resistant bowl or something too… does loaf pan side dish to main meal too without! Each side, or until done cool on a gluten-free diet, are there any options for the! Lid properly recipe too so they are perfect for small children taste since no steamed chocolate cake using pancake mix! Like chocolate cake too be a new way to end the year!!!!!!!. I used a big one? sweet potatoes and pumpkins ) in our pan / hob on. And yes, how much your kind feedback, Pinterest, YouTube and! Without them the baking powder and Meiji chocolate el uso del ramekinsde vidrio is cooked through silicone cupcake to! And feedback safe to double or triple the recipe was unsure what else to use cubes of Japanese potatoes! Into ramekin as i expected a try and see how it goes wan na ask i... Love it it okay if i put this in a traditional steamer had rubbery. A steam oven and cooked it for my friend next week at steamed chocolate cake using pancake mix Japanese Cheesecake this... Small cubes and add the milk but discovered there simply wasn ’ t substitute any of the cake becomes maybe. Can enjoy them as a leavening agent, Japanese steamed cakes though over-cooked or moisture is evaporated to.... Unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link in the cake is after... But as you expected and cakes but they are superb….thank you hmm i don ’ t burn oil my. From start to finish used the regular steaming method above or a steamer and a muffin?... For a little longer ) thank you and i ’ m so glad to hear you your.

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