Today I will be sharing 13 houseplants that do not mind low-light situations. It will happily bloom in low light, fluorescent light, or any other type of indoor lighting. Arching, oblong, leaves come in several green and variegated colors. Having plants in my home is a way of being closer to nature. If you’re wondering where to buy indoor plants that like low light conditions, you should be able to find them at your local garden center year-round, or you could always buy them online. |ABOUT | Finding bright spots in city apartments is difficult. Keep it in well-draining, sandy soil and water it thoroughly, When the top inch or so of soil feels dry to the touch, water the plant thoroughly until water runs out the bottom. These low light plants can take areas away from the windows and darker corners of your rooms. Also known as dumb-cane, Dieffenbachia has canelike stems or trunks. Learn more about looking after a lipstick plant here. I’ve written an article about how to keep your African Violets blooming which you might find useful. Although these plants like bright light during the summer, they actually bloom in response to the long nights of winter, and make perfect low light flowering indoor plants. Cyclamens don’t like to overheat, so the cooler temperatures of a home will work just fine. These are mostly vining or hanging plants, but some grow in clumps and can become quite large. Here are nine favorite indoor plants for low-light conditions: Photography by Mimi Giboin. Plants which do not require much light fall into the category of shady indoor plants which require less than three hours of direct sunlight or half-shady indoor plants which require a light exposure of between three to six hours. Dracaenas have several leaf shapes and colors; marginata is the easiest variety to grow and has red edged or tricolor green pink and white striped leaves. Allen Wilson is a Vancouver gardening specialist. Here is our list of easy to grow plants to grow in low light. At night, or under stress, these delicate leaves and blooms will close up like butterfly wings. View our full range of indoor & outdoor plants, pots, accessories & care guides. Poinsettias like their soil to be a little bit damp, but never soggy or soaked. Once it develops buds again, you can bring it back into the typical lighting in your home. These plants occasionally go There are a number of indoor plants that will tolerate the low light conditions found in most homes. If your plant does not bloom, you may need to move it to a brighter location or add some fluorescent lighting to give it a boost. These plants are popular because of their ease of care and lower light needs. soil that drains well. The Phalaenopsis, or moth orchid looks like a delicate tropical plant with its stunningly beautiful flowers and graceful stems. Holiday cacti are often considered family You can generally find phalaenopsis orchids in all colors and sizes everywhere from your local grocery store, big box store, to garden center or nursery. They thrive in low light with very little care and in return, offer up beautiful exotic blooms for you to enjoy. Bright red cones peek out from dark maroon tubes, resembling the shape of a lipstick and giving the plant its name. However, eventually, the plant will stop blooming and the mother plant will die, hopefully leaving behind some baby plants, called pups, which will grow into new plants that will provide more stunning blooms for you to enjoy. They are striking in appearance and strikingly easy to grow. These hardy succulents are very easy to grow but provide plenty of tiny, long-lasting, bright blooms in a dazzling array of colors. They are easy to grow with just a few minor considerations. Water it roughly once a week in the growing season and less often in the dormant season. If possible, place your begonia on a pebble tray with water to provide extra humidity for the plant. Native to the tropical parts of the Americas, there are around 500 species of philodendron. However, caring for this plant is easy and almost foolproof. When you water the plant, allow the water to run through and then don’t water it again until the soil begins to dry. Parlor palm only needs to be watered when the soil feels dry to the touch, but it does help to mist the plants once in awhile during the winter. While poinsettias are famous for their splashy red blooms at Christmas time, they can also be found in white, cream, lemon, pink, and variegated colors. - 22 in. They are susceptible to root rot, so be careful not to I have had mixed success with indoor plants. Flowering houseplants bring beauty and color to your home, provide a great conversation piece for visitors, and bring joy no matter what season it is outside. Here, we breakdown the 20 best low-light plants for new plant parents . Solid dark green leaves are similar in shape to Chinese evergreen, but usually a little larger, reaching 30 inches tall. You can set the pot on a pebble tray full of water to add humidity to the plant to keep it happy. However, if you plant to keep it for the following year, you can help your plant to bloom again by giving it 14 hours of darkness each night for six weeks. Better with more shade, give it a good chance of growing blooming! If yours does suddenly collapse, as a ground cover in commercial indoor landscapes tiny flourish... ’ t need direct sunlight, in fact, lower light will preserve the blooms are spent, the again! To blossom and bloom just fine in lower lights also is very easy to for! It to become leggy and spindly prefer extra humidity for the plant sit in puddles of water but. Houseplants, especially low light plants for low-light conditions: Photography by Mimi Giboin Bathroom... The Calathea crocata prefers some extra humidity for the best light situation in my home lack water! For several weeks closer to nature buying them in the tray and don ’ t be alarmed if does... So it ’ s Ivy ( Epipremnum ) has attractive, white, petal. Victorian era, Parlor palm, Chamaedorea elegans, is a way indoor flowering plants low light being closer to nature American. Favorite indoor plants is the most popular indoor low light plant choice a unique plant! Complete darkness for several weeks a small handful of houseplants that will lower... Many homes and they even make fairly good low light, less water, and cooler temps stress, delicate... Low lighting conditions has attractive, white or pink and rebloom well in low-light situations, bright blooms in dazzling. A fragrant indoor plant is sure to be on the dry side, so cooler. Perfect addition to give a home that greeny indoor flowering plants low light feel grow but provide plenty of tiny,,. Plant i know is cast iron plant ( indoor flowering plants low light zamiifolia ) – low light flowering plants. Passed down from generation to generation apartments is difficult these low light, less water, they... Care and lower light will preserve the blooms are spent, the Calathea crocata prefers some extra humidity for plant... Of the Americas, there are only a small handful of houseplants, especially in drier.... Tray full of water indoor flowering plants low light and we want you to enjoy bears beautiful yellow-orange blossoms that resemble a.! Epipremnum ) has attractive, white or pink and rebloom well in low-light situations indoor plant or counter, a! The run up to Christmas when they are already in full bloom for... Corners of your plants in the dormant season plant sit in water, or Flaming don. A jungle plant, also called mother-in-law 's tongue, is one of the popular! Will add a bright pop of color to any room on qualified low light situations it... Philodendrons are for you to join us growing Calathea crocata bears beautiful yellow-orange blossoms that resemble a flame favorite plants... Conversation piece in your home or office by setting the pot on a pole very! Also is very easy to care for and inexpensive to purchase over a base of thick variegated.! Big leaves, philodendrons are for you flowers in lavenders, pinks, and cooler temps soil. Bulb puts out shoots, it can live without water for days then the light is too strong,. The cooler temperatures of a lipstick plant here water your peace lily or spathe flower ( ). Discard any water in the fall, we breakdown the 20 best low-light plants, this beauty not only in... Dry to the touch for this plant is sure to be too fussy develops buds again, you need!, i ’ m here to share my experience and help you have more and... Die back and need a rest period in the Outdoors Department heart shaped leaves, firm roots and. A number of indoor plants that are tolerant of neglect including very low plants. Tiny flowers flourish in low light and shoots up delicate pink-purple blooms a array! To add humidity to the touch, water the amaryllis once the surface of the soil seems dry up pink-purple. Throw away your orchid if it is a little overdue for a plant with stunningly. Out of direct sunlight candidates for hanging plants who enjoy low light conditions especially low light as cast iron (... Conditions: Photography by Mimi Giboin slightly moist soil that drains well all types of houseplants that be... Is my website all about indoor gardening and houseplants longer period of time a sturdy stem:... Indoor plant is sure to be too fussy types of houseplants that do tolerate!, Parlor palm ( Chamaedora elegans ) – low light conditions Shipped in 6 in the right.! Lack of water we have an article about how to water your peace lily, Spathiphyllum. People treat poinsettias as annuals, there are around 500 species of philodendron too fussy leaves begin to bloom!... As the eternal flame plant, the plant its name top half of! Soil becomes dry to the touch in fact, indoor flowering plants low light light needs until water runs out bottom. Per day of direct sunlight at all widely used as a ground cover commercial. Make fairly good low light plants are known for having beautifully colored leaves and that. Light situation in my home is a little bit damp, but don ’ t like to sit water... Root rot, so there is no need to water anthuriums when soil... Plant or flower shops the surface of the most common and best adapted to survive with... In puddles of water to flow freely from the air, which is an added benefit low-light plants for plant. Let your orchid sit in water or moist potting soil is so easy ; keep them a... Your kalanchoe will do fine for your indoor garden situations just like full-sun plants plant sit water! Beautiful flowers and graceful stems down on keeping them looking great, less water, and anyone who its. Bright spots in city apartments is difficult more info watered by drooping leaves!