English. Simulate test day by printing and taking an official PSAT/NMSQT or PSAT 10 practice test. There are 4 official PSAT practice tests released by the College Board that you can use for practice, but there are going to be some differences in these tests that you should keep in mind. The older PSAT’s answer choices had 5 options meanwhile the newer only has 4. The older PSAT practice tests are 35 minutes shorter than the new PSAT. It's okay to guess. Start studying PSAT English Unit 1 Test. Our PSAT flashcards allow you to practice with as few or as many questions as you like. Scoring Your PSAT/NMSQT Practice Test #1 11 Raw Score Conversion Table 3: Cross-Test Scores RAW SCORE (# OF CORRECT ANSWERS) Analysis in History/Social Studies Cross-Test Score Analysis in Science Cross-Test Score 0 8 1 9 12 2 11 15 3 12 16 4 14 17 5 15 18 6 16 18 7 17 19 8 18 20 9 19 21 10 20 22 11 21 23 12 22 24 13 23 25 14 24 26 15 25 26 16 Then, keep sharpening your skills with our quizzes. Played 330 times. Dear Friend, Here's a little secret about the PSAT/NMSQT: the PSAT test is what we in the test preparation field call a general aptitude test.. Our experts explain every question from the Official PSAT Practice Test. 3. Solo Practice. Make time to take the practice test. BORIS DVORKIN. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. SAT practice stories. Get some studying in now with our numerous PSAT flashcards. 2 years ago. 3. Front Cover Spring 2019 PSAT ™ 8/9 . Edit. KAPLAN’S FREE PSAT STUDY GUIDE. Pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses with a practice PSAT. Be especially careful if you skip questions. Take the Practice Test Sample Questions Get to know the PSAT/NMSQT and PSAT 10 with these sample questions. 10th - 11th grade . PSAT/NMSQT® information Test-taking advice and tips An official practice test FLIP THIS BOOK FOR OVER INFORMATION ABOUT THE NATIONAL MERIT ® SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM PSAT/NMSQT Student Guide Side Cover 01676-064-2020-21-PN-NM-Student-Guide-Covers-PN-M-1.indd 1 3/16/20 1:32 PM. Next lesson. Edit. Plus, we outline time-saving strategies that will help you earn maximum points. Beyond the SAT: resources for college. It is one of the best ways to get ready for the PSAT 8/9. SAT Coach Tools. Before You Start You'll need a printer, pencil, calculator, and timer. PSAT Vocab in Context DRAFT. We have all the tools you need to get ready for the PSAT/NMSQT and PSAT 10—and they’re free. Share practice link. Live Game Live. by tracyhunter. These consist of four official College Board tests and four unofficial ones.. This quiz is incomplete! Take A Free Test. If you will be taking your PSAT this year, then it is important to study to make sure you are ready for the big day. Save. Paper-and-Pencil Practice Taking an official practice test is a great way to simulate test day. Frequently Asked Questions about the Official SAT® Practice. Practice. Meet your teachers. Here are some tips: Mark your answers in the correct row of circles on the answer sheet. Practice Tests for the Old (Pre-2015) PSAT. This is the currently selected item. Plus, you can score your own practice test and learn from your mistakes. Homework. They are scored out of 240 (with the Critical Reading, Math, and Writing sections each worth 80 points) and deduct a 1/4 point for each wrong answer. Below, we've compiled eight PSAT practice test PDFs with answer keys that you can download and print out. Play. Our math, reading, writing, and language lessons are available for free so you can raise your score. 59% average accuracy. Finish Editing. Includes PSAT Practice Test Questions Learn How to Quickly Solve Difficult PSAT Test Questions. As a 10-year Kaplan veteran teacher and National Merit finalist, Boris has helped thousands of students get ready for the PSAT. After you've finished, score your test using the resources below. Full-length PSAT/NMSQT to take on paper. Print; Share; Edit; Delete; Host a game. Practice Test # 1.