He says “if I turn her off, she won’t start again.” Not my problem, I thought. If any of you have an annoying customer story, tell me in the comments! Check Out This Friendly Helpful Customer Not!!!! A customer bought a box of cereal and bulk batteries. She expects that she’s your only priority and you’ll take care of it now. ?”, “If they have a legal right to work here and are better qualified, absolutely.”, “I know your corporate! “I dont know, but I’ll find out for you” is one of the most powerful phrases in customer service.. 4) Perceived Rudeness. And you can get her to stop telling you too much with a quick turn back to business like this: “Interesting. I insisted on looking at the card to see if it was damaged and or if I could get it working. She’ll probably tell you way too much about herself, her latte, her kids, her career, her schnauzer, her vacation …, Work with her: You can avert her personal questions with one-word answers. I’m going to come to your city, ZhuangZi, and walk around until I see you, and then kill you, ZhuangZi. CenturyLink – 59. “I am a departmental manager at a retail store. who said, “ZhuangZi, I wish I could crawl through this telephone..reach out with my hands, and murder you. How Much Has Working Retail Destroyed Your Will To Live? A lot of stories. Until one day i came to work and i was told he stole our tip jar money so if he comes in to tell him to leave and that he wasnt allowed in anymore. something funny i came across tonight!!!! "In high school, I worked in layaway at Wal-Mart and used to have to deal with the crappiest customers. I’d kick your ass in a second.”. Here's part two of the subway stories. So friend enters the grill area from the dishwashing area, spots the old man making a scene, inquires what his problem is, gets told by another employee that he’s probably drunk and can’t find his bicycle, and friend points to old man and emits a Muntzian “Ha-Ha” at him. I’ve been cursed out. Lesson: Norm violations are why people get annoyed. “That shut him up” I let him know I would be transferring him to our fraud department to sort it out and he told me “No. Once, This girl gave me a $10 bill for an accesory that cost abour $7. Target Store Opens More than Three Checkout Lanes; Shoppers Confused, Target's Dumb Internal Guide to The Generations, Ten Things To Do In McDonalds When its Dead, The 11 Worst Things About Working In A Supermarket, The 17 Worst People Every Waiter Will Inevitably Serve, The 20 Biggest Hates for Workers at the Grocery Store, The 22 Most Soul-Crushing Things About Working Retail. I was absolutely terrified, but for some reason I decided the better option was to do the inspection and get it over with. Running a register is fairly intuitive so it shouldn’t have been a problem. She has a little business to be handled, and then a lot of nib-nosing to do. 8 Customers Everyone Hates and what their punishment in hell should be! “So what your telling me is, if an American and a Mexican both applied, you would hire the MEXICAN? I was in Sydney at the time, but I still didn’t sleep well for a few days.”, “working as a bouncer, throwing out an unruly patron. Well at this point I’m a little ticked off and I might have mentioned that maybe, quite possibly his friend that works for IBM didn’t know what he was doing. Food News. When I told a guy that his support agreement expired and we would need to charge him, he flipped his shit and said “that McVeigh, he bombed the wrong building.” He even repeated it so I could emergency record it, oh and I had his name, address & phone number.”. 6 Ways You Are Annoying your Customers (and How to Avoid It) By. by Isha Bassi. Some customers are just straight up NASTY. Latest Popular Trending Shopkeeper Getting Rid Of Annoying Customer. 4 months ago. Well I asked him if I could take a look at it and see if I could get it working, but no, he was having none of that. What Working in Retail at Christmas means to me. Some of the Horror stories from last Black Friday, what are your memories/stories?? ... And finally, the most annoying customer is the one that leaves you positive feedback and then 1 star in all categories for the details seller ratings, putting your Top Rated Seller status at risk because they don't know how to leave feedback properly. It means I’m a world karate champion. Is the Domino's Pizza Tracker Telling the Truth? If You Work In Retail, Read This And Keep Your Head Up. Ken joined Prentice-Hall as an assistant editor and later became editor-in-chief of… MORE, Michele's a journalist with decades of experience working for local and national… MORE, Copyright ©2020 Customer Experience Insight • Log in. Well I’ll hop over there and beat your ass.”, He then points to a ring on his hand while saying “see this?! Restaurant servers, what is your most annoying customer story? Customer was almost always drunk, so almost always was refused service, this time he wasn’t too bad, but I wasn’t taking any chances and booted him out. As I’m calling the cops informing them of his name and the threats he made, he gets up and walks away, can’t legally stop anyone from leaving so nothing I can do. This really set him off….”This is bullshit”, “You’re wasting my fucking time”, “Get the fuck in here now.”. Nancy is friendly, outgoing, polite … and way too curious. I could use some on-break entertainment, so I figured some worst customer ever stories would be good. Heres part two of the subway stories. A short, 60 year old customer comes up and lays down two items that were about $0.60 each. “While working in a call centre doing tech support for Optus (Australia) mobile phones, I had to tell a guy that the only way to get his phone to send a MMS picture message was for him to post it to the repair centre. I closed that night, which was at 4am. A Customer Wants To Make A Waitress' Life Miserable. But, I can’t. Old man hears “Ha-Ha” but is unable to identify the perpetrator, so he turns to the front counter (populated solely by 16 year old girls) and proceeds to grab his crotch and shout “I got yer Ha-Ha right here!”, At this point I decide to go up front and help my assistant manager ameliorate the situation. Many years ago, before Internet purchases were common, we ran a travel agency. Category: Funny Customers, Retail Stories “I used to work nightshift in a bottleshop in a small country town, and of course we’d get some crazy stuff, and ridiculous threats from customers if we refused to serve them. She has a little business to be handled,... 2. When I left, I told him that it was fucked up for him to be afraid to let me in his house, but it wasn’t okay for me to be afraid to enter his house. most annoying customer stories.? Had customer come in saying he couldn’t get his USB wireless card he just bought working, and he was upset that the instructions were in engrish. Whole call was recorded and postal inspectors personally called to let me know this guy was fucked.”. Jokes That Make Customer Service People Hate You, Just Go! He’s not willing to wait for you to finish the information you must share with... 3. #1 . Now, I’m not the kind of person who normally antagonizes a stranger in order to make a strange conversation worse, however my friend, who was also around 16 at the time, was exactly the kind of person to antagonize a stranger during a tense situation. So, is it an… “Yer sorry? ... And whatever you do, beware of these annoying customer habits. Lovely day!”. Send an email, give a URL or agree on a follow-up phone call to make sure he has another opportunity to review what you’ve done. I want to read them! We all hated it but there was nothing we could do. I’ve never been so frightened at work in my life. Did you know that I have perfect pitch, ZhuangZi? Whatever, she authorizes. Here are 3 phrases you can use to part ways with annoying customers. First, he asked that the air conditioning be turned up because he was too hot, then he asked it be turned down cause he was too cold, and so on for about half an hour. Work with her: Give her the answer or solution, then the opportunity to climb the ladder. She turns around to go, then turns back again. Good customer service isn’t always about knowing the right answer. 20 Ghastly Struggles Every Retail Worker Understands. This realization can make the customer leave the website irritated and not make any attempt of visiting it again in future. what did you score? actual quote “I am going to hit you with this lamp.”, To be fair, I had often thought of hitting said supervisor with said lamp….”, “Best threat made against me in this position was by an M.D. Detecting the sudden change in conversation topic, the other manager began to tell the woman it was time to leave. \r\r\rCome work for PLANET DOLAN! Giving her possibilities will make both of you feel in control. Then she goes: “You know what you are?” “What?” “Well, I’M not a poopie, but you sir, you are a POOPIE. Let us know on our reddit page and you may be featured in a future countdown. Me: “Ma’am, this ticket can be held for twenty-four hours. Impatient Ivan. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. When I gave him his items, and receipt, he yelled "Aren't you going to give me a box, I only have two hands" I put his cereal, and batteries in a giant box, which required the same two hands to carry, he took it and walked way. We accept the kind words, and go back to work. Welcome back to Behind Closed Ovens, where we take a look at the best and strangest stories from inside the food industry. A collective sigh of relief is issued, as the entire staff realizes that the fellow might finally be leaving, but as soon as he gets his hand on the door handle, he turns, and in my direction he shouts “Fucking PUNK! 24 Fast Food Workers Share The Most Annoying Thing A Customer Has Ever Done To Them 34 Workers Reveal Their Worst Customer Horror Stories For Your Enjoyment 32 Food Service Workers Describe The Awkward, Ridiculous Dates They’ve Waited On Blatant racism like this is rather abnormal. Find out why are car salesmen so annoying. Awkward Conversations You Have When You Work In Retail, Boss Accidentally Forwards A Holiday Request To Whole Company, The Internet Reacts Brilliantly, Breastaurants Booming As The Restaurant Industry Struggles, Chipotle Workers Walk Out Mid-Day Because They Work In ‘Sweatshop Conditions’, Christmas is really quiet in stores with 2 weeks to go, Christmas Working at Amazon: One Man's Story, Clopening at Starbucks: A Baristas Most Dreaded Shift. Then, after you’ve done what he’s asked, review his request and how you made it happen so he feels he’s getting all he expects. What really winds me up about grocery customers is......... What You Really Want to Say to your Customers. Next thing i know he walks back in and tries to pick a fight, usual toughguy bullcrap. Art Animation Comedy Cool Commercials Cooking Entertainment How To Music & Dance News & Events People & Stories Pets & Animals Science & Tech Sports Travel & Outdoors Video Games Wheels & Wings Other 18+ Only Fashion. 3 things customers need most from you now, 5 customer service lessons from the late Tony Hsieh, Time to rock National Customer Service Week. It means I’m married. So, be proactive and optimize your site so it’s easy to read and navigate on phone and tablet screens. A lot of stories. My friend Riya could go on for days, telling you about all the things people who have come to eat at Panera have done, ranging from the good, the bad and the annoying. Confessions of a prior retail worker: Annoying things customers do. It's yellow, in a bottle about this tall." So The Waitress Blurts Out The Truth. save hide report. Scroll down below to check them out, and don’t forget to vote for your favorite! After posting a couple of illustrations on How to be annoying to our social networks, people around the world started sending in their own ideas for us to illustrate. Her crisis – something she failed to take care of – turns into your headache. Here's part two of the subway stories. Luckily his neighbor could see that I was upset when I left. “Um…yes?” “So then you make sure you hire only Americans, correct?” “Ma’am, if someone has a legal right to work in this country and is the right fit for our staff, we hire them.” She then proceeded to go completely ape shit. Remember, on the other end of that drive-through speaker is a human being. I happily give them the check and wait for them to leave before telling the man his bill was paid by a couple that wanted to thank him for his service. They’re smarter about it now so mind your own business.”, Me: “Sir, why don’t you just show a bit of respect to your fellow human being and take two seconds to shut off your engine. I stood there in stunned disbelief. best top new controversial old q&a. Your email address will not be published. engage time Subscribe Unsubscribe 1 085. Posts about annoying customer written by derhunter89. Dan has other things on his mind, in his hand and out of his control – and he’s doing it all while he’s asked you for something. Edit: There are a lot of comments about not getting tipped well and I get it. One lady tried to pay for $400 of groceries with her sister’s maxed-out card, said “well, it’s... 2. Alienating customers is obviously not the way to build a healthy tech career--but understanding what might set them off will help you develop better relationships. Recorded 911 Call: Subway Put Marinara Sauce on My Pizza. Let Them Tell You. Most annoying customer stories? It won’t do any harm to anyone.”, Me: Thinking what the hell this has to do with the topic at hand, I chuckle and say “okay.”, He pays for his gas and leaves, getting in his truck in a rage and speeding off. But if I frustrate you, you’ll find a way to balance the scales. The Place for Customer Service Stories. If any of you have an annoying customer story, tell me in the comments! I then had to walk through an empty downtown portland to the bus looking around every corner for this guy. It is very annoying for a customer to visit your website and order something only to be informed that the product is out of stock. How does that sound to you?”. 16 Customer Horror Stories That Prove Retail Workers Deserve A Goddamn Medal "…a woman once asked me why her iced coffee was served cold instead of warm.” by Jamie Jones Me and another manager were stocking a shelf near the front, when a familiar looking customer comes up and starts complimenting us on how nice the store is and how friendly the staff has become recently. He’s not willing to wait for you to finish the information you must share with him, the customer before him or the normal process of doing business. I ring them and tell him the total and he becomes visibly angry. Gross!!!!!!!!! 10 lessons i learned from a job i hated, f*yeah retail robin bingo! Guy Live Tweets Making Himself Some Food At McDonald's, How to Deal With an Angry Customer [COMIC], It's Brown Friday for Chinese shoppers as exploding septic tank coveres them in excrement, Just A Lovely Family Outing At The Grocery Store (Video), Man Calls Police Because His Pizza Has Taken More Than 45 Minutes To Be Delivered, No-so-happy meal! So How long will I be up working tonight? You’re communicating too slowly. We use cookies to make the site easier to use. Most annoying customer stories? This week, we’re back to one of the classics: terrible restaurant customers and the eateries they maliciously haunt. They have very liberal homeless laws, so a guy set up a spot right next to our shop. I agree. It can get even more annoying when the customer service number goes through, but you have to speak to a person who barely understands English. He’s often rude when demanding that you “move it along.”. We had one woman call to reserve and hold a ticket. Retail workers have seen some scary and even disgusting things. This thread is archived. Work with her: Focus on what you can do. The 6 most annoying customers – and how to tame each 1. Why has Tesco shampoo turned my dog pink? Pastor agrees and launches his own website, Wal-Mart Is Scared of These True Stories From Its Own Employees, Walk 11 miles a shift and pick up an order every 33 seconds: Revealed, how Amazon works staff 'to the bone', Walmart Asking Employees To Donate Food To Co-Workers, Walmart Workers Rant About the "Nonsense" New Dress Code, Well, black Friday turned into an even blacker Saturday, What it is Really Like Working at a Convenience Store. Usually. Harry needs extra everything: attention, product, speed, service, detail, vigilance, visits, calls, responses, etc. She comes over and explains who he is to me, then we see him in the back talking to other customers, looking back at her and pointing, presumably he was talking shit about her. As always, these are real e-mails from real readers. Work with him: You want to set expectations for High-Maintenance Harry, too. Latest Popular Trending Shopkeeper Getting Rid Of Annoying Customer. Tanya is demanding and will likely say, “I want to talk to the manager” or “Is there someone else who can handle this” early in your interactions. What are your annoying customer stories? My friend Riya could go on for days, telling you about all the things people who have come to eat at Panera have done, ranging from the good, the bad and the annoying. A waiter with three decades of experience sounds off on the habits of the most irritating customers. Can’t remember what colour it was because it was mostly primer. He leaves his engine running and hits the button to activate the pump. share. After storming out the next guy in line steps up, points to his ring and says “you see this?! A woman came up to me and said she was looking for "something you can use to clean your face, my hairdresser has it in case she accidentally cuts someone. And so the man leaves, but that’s not where the story ends. Share On Facebook Share On Twitter Share On Pinterest. Connie is generally a poor time manager and a bit of a drama queen. Yeah, So it’s been like forever since i put up another story, mainly because either my schedule is crazy, I forget, or … As marketers, we need to understand the standards and expectations that our customers have grown accustom to. Right before he leaves, he yells “IF I EVER SEE YOU ON THE STREET I’M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU.”, Needless to say I was a little shaken up, But in all seriousness who the hell threatens to kill somebody over a 5 dollar wireless card, after being offered to help fix it.”. Finance Office and Paperwork: Completing the paperwork when buying a car is a formality that takes time. Enjoy. If not paid for by then, the reservation will be canceled, and it will be quite likely that … Most customer service stories that capture our imagination and “go viral” do so because they are exceptional in nature; they do not represent the everyday flow of … If it was damaged we could replace under warranty, but he exclaimed, ” I have a friend who works for IBM, and he couldn’t get it working, what are you going to do.” (for all you that work at a computer store, you know what I’m talking about here. My first thought, but for customers behind they won't care. More info: Not Always Right. Luckily he never showed, but i will never forget that night.”. “I work at a gas station, and a man in a GIANT Ford Pickup truck pulled up to a pump and began to fill his tank. We will find him. I work at Forever21 I used to be on cash but now I just do the floor and occiasionally the dressing rooms, and i've got PLENTY of dirt on idiotic customers who came into there. You’re communicating too slowly. Within about 5 minutes of conversation, it became pretty obvious that there was never any bicycle, and this man was just looking for some kind of confrontation, and, happening upon our store amidst a drunken rage, decided that this was the place to have it out. Now she had about 4 of her children standing in the exit, the oldest of which was about 12 which is the one who she handed her purse to, but as soon as she took her seat she says to me “My damn purse better be here when I get back or im gon’ get my man up and here and shoot yo mothafuckin ass dead!”. Not so bad after all.”, “Worked at a computer shop in Georgia as well (Sandy Springs). One regular customer was particularly annoying. Nancy is friendly, outgoing, polite … and way too curious. Tomorrow I’m going to come back and buy this place, send you on a business trip to Peru, and fire your ass while you’re there.” Turns out he had the money to do it but, unfortunately, never followed through.”, “Didn’t happen to me, but as I was walking from the back room to help at the front desk of my hotel, I heard a guest threaten my supervisor with a decorative lamp. The annoying customer A customer was bothering the waiter in a restaurant. He was right behind my back the whole time I was in his house and I was shaking with fear, but nothing aside from more shitty comments happened. The 15 Types Of Customers All Retail Staff Hate, 13 Of The Dumbest Customer Complaints Of All Time. Someone working at the register had to take lunch and since it wasn’t that busy they threw me up there for an hour. Read 34 Less Annoying CRM Customer Reviews & Customer References. I’m going to call the police and tell them you are hiring ILLEGALS. “Worked at a variety store/gas station when I was 18. When you optimize your site for mobile, you’re showing customers that you have a modern business and … I refuse, saying I’m just doing my job and I’m too old for picking fights, I’ve got kids etc. by Isha Bassi. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Boss walks back in, I explain what happened, and I’m frazzled, so I race home. The Horrors of Working in a Video Game Store, The Nightmares Everyone Who Works In Retail Never Wants To Experience, The Reasons Working in Retail Will Drive You to Madness, THE RETAIL INDUSTRY: WHY IT KILLS YOUR SOUL, The True Confessions of a Former Retail Slave, The Truth of the Matter Is Walmart Is a Horrible Place to Work, The Type of Customer that Really Winds Me Up, The walmart story by Joe the peacock. The answer is that it takes longer than anybody would like it to take. And I can tell from your voice exactly just how you look, you skinny little fuck. The year-round layaway type of people are the worst customers Wal-Mart gets. You can turn those annoying behaviors into gold by remembering this bit of wisdom - we live in a reciprocal world. I want my chicken! The 7 Different Types Of People You’ll See In A Coffee Shop, The 7 Types Of Customers That Retail Assistants Dread, The Eight Most Annoying Customers At Your Retail Job, The Insane $11 Billion Scam at Retailers’ Return Desks, The Man Caught Masturbating In Sainsburys Has Been Banned From Every Supermarket In The U.K, These 34 People Spotted At Wal-Mart Are Beyond Messed Up, This Is Why Your Whole Foods Cashier Hates You, Top 10 Ways to Make Your Cashier Hate You, Top 10 Worst Customers Who Make your Life Hell, Video. He said “You watch your fuckin back at night son, dingo gonna stab you”. Any DISH network employees out there? 6 Ways you may be annoying your clients 1. share with your colleagues, Peeled TONGUE? 8 Infuriating Customer Types Every Retail Worker Knows, 9 Bad Consumers Who Make Things Worse For The Rest Of Us, 9 Tips for Being a Douchebag at the Grocery Store. But people don't have to tip. These are glorious stories, indeed. 18 Irritating People All Retail Workers Meet, This is the Hilariously Ridiculous Story of Shane, the Wal-Mart Deli Guy. One night my boss had just gone for a smoke out the back as it was quiet and we were closing up, and a well known belligerent customer walked in. Final score: Not particularly convinced by his claims and beginning to wish he would indulge his “fight the lowly retail employee” fantasy I awkwardly shrugged. Too-Nosy Nancy. of the computer demanding my colleague inside authorize the pump was driving her insane. They're Being Called 'Walmart's Worst Nightmare, Workers over festive season don’t give a shit, Working in retail after college. Sooubway Part 1: https://dai.ly/x6j8zun Sooubway Part 2: https://dai.ly/x6jbnnb Sooubway Part 3: https://dai.ly/x6jtbq4 “Have a good night, sir!” my boss yells, trying to verbally force him out. Here are some of the responses. Customer: “This is ridiculous! People can be barbaric in restaurants. I’ve been hung up on. She absolutely could not believe that we would hire a legal non-american before someone born here. At a fast food restaurant, a 300-400 pound fat man screams for his chicken sandwich. Turns out drunk had shown up at my house, started screaming threats, and my high as a kite druggie neighbour came out with a bat and beat the shit out of him and broke both his legs, with the cops arriving just before I did. When politely asked to shut off his engine, he replied with, “Mind your own fucking business or I’ll snap your neck.” So, on the register I stopped his fuel and asked him to pay. Use of dull product photographs What's your most annoying customer story? That’s the smartest thing you’ve said since the last time you said it!” He fires back. Avoid telling her that what she needs is difficult or impossible (because she’s contacted you too late or it’s an extraordinary request). Anyhow, we tell her its time to take her opinions and leave. But if I frustrate you, you’ll find a way to balance the scales. 3 comments. He’s only partly in the conversation with you, and won’t likely absorb the answers you give or solutions you provide. 1. My coworker tells her to leave 2 more times. “The most uncomfortable moment was when a very calm and well-spoken gentleman with a thick Russian accent called to let us know someone had stolen his card and about 45,000 had been spent already. Well, no more! Top 10 Annoying Customer Behaviors. Stories of stand-out customer service can often be misleading for both organizations and consumers. I have to think the annoying customer cannot possibly sunshine and roses at her job at EGE and then a complete PITA at the OP’s store. Customer Story #10: I’m Lost And Can’t Find Your Store. Problem solved. There isn’t a defined rule across all business relationships regarding response time to an email or phone call, but not responding to clients in a timely manner is certain to cause confusion, frustration, and annoyance. Nate Vickery - June 18, 2017. YOU ARE ALL A POOPIE!”. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. So how long is the average shift for a retail manager? Is it a Walmart Mcdonalds? Drunk responds with “Well I’m gonna break into your house and slit your kids throats while I fck your missus”. In other words if I treat you well, you’ll treat me well.